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Handlist of enterprises



Handlist of enterprises   "B"

Outerwear, uniforms, medical garments, chefs clothing, medical products, clothing for

adults and children, bedding...

Kitchen and office furniture, bedroom, children room, doors, cabinets, wall units, and others...


Manufactured products description: communication towers, lighting towers, observation towers, communication and universally masts...

Production of pallets is one of “Belwood” leading activities. Currently, we produce about 100 000 pallets per month and we still have facilities to increase the production...

Daugavpils company produces office furniture, school furniture, home furniture, kitchen furniture, special furniture...

Production of the metal constructions: bearing metal constructions of the frameworks of the buildings (columns, girders, beams etc), posts of the illumination, traffic-light and road sign fastening constructions, stairs and stair rails...

Concrete products: rings, lids, bottoms, bathhouse (Log house), metal doors...


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