Daugavpils enterprises

Daugavpils in 19 th century became an industrial city. Since the city was at the crossroads of railways, there was a need to repair the rolling stock, as well as  to provide railway  with all necessary goods. This was the beginning of metalworking in Daugavpils. Today this industry employs more then 3000 people.

Enterprises in Daugavpils produce grain, dairy and meat products. Despite its remoteness from the sea, the production of fish  is an important sector of the food industry.

Production of  chemical fibers  and different  products made of chemical fibers are amongtraditional branches of industry. Clothing made in Daugavpils   is  sold under the well-known trademarks.

During the last decade electronics, electronic cable assembly, printing and packaging industries started to operate.

The city has  about 100 manufacturing plants.  Daugavpils city Council would like to thank the entrepreneurs and professionals of these companies  who have chosen this  difficult and demanding sector of the economy.



Daugavpils panorama