Head of the company: Aleksandrs Grimailovs

Product description:

                                Secondary polymer processing
     Secondary polymer processing is a complex engineering process. Pelleted secondary polymer is obtained by processing of polymer wastes that reduces product cost. The new product can be produced from recycled materials, as well as adding a new polymer.
     Today, a second polymer processing is a priority from the economy, as well as from nature saving point of view. Today there are effective plastic processing technologies, which give the ability to produce good quality cheap polymer materials.
     Ltd. “Abipro” has taken this type of activity.
     The company is established in 2009. During this period manufacturing space was bought and renovated. A modern polymer recycling processing line with a capacity of 1,000 kg per hour is purchased.
     Investment amounted to more than 1 000 000 EUR.
     The company has raw material suppliers and product buyers. Main products export country is Germany.
     The company plans to buy another building for dirty waste washing process. Company planned acquisition of technological lines for the recycling of laminated paper and production of packaging paper from it.
     Investments will account for more than 1 mln EUR.