Altonika EMS

Head of the company: member of the Board – Semen Lukachev

Product description:

Contract Electronic Manufacturing Service.

Additional possibilities:

Manufacturing company provides complex support for the design and production of electronic assemblies:
• full or partial development of electronic assemblies;
• complex preparation of the products for mass production;
• purchasing of the components and materials;
• full production cycle of electronics-assemblies production;
• output testing, functional control, control;
• service warranty, post-warranty repairs and maintenance.
All services can be implemented as a complex or partial solutions, depending on the Customer’s wishes.
The rules of the company in respect of only partner work in a contract manufacturing of electronics, which involves the following aspects of an interaction Customer-Manufacturer:
• Participation in the development of new customer’s projects.
• Working hand by hand to reduce production costs.
• Booking and reservation of the components and materials to accelerate the production cycle.
• Working hand by hand to minimize the involved current assets of the Customer.
• Our participation in the development of Customers manufacturing strategy.
• Planning the development of production to match with development plans of our Clients.
• Active participation in the investigation of the causes of failures and problems with the products during exploitation.
In the manufacturing park is represented the most modern equipment for the electronics assembly of high complexity in serial order.
We do not limit the technologies that we have. With the competence in the field of effective production, we are configured to develop by the purchasing of equipment and learning new technologies accordingly with customer’s needs