Regula Baltija

Head of the company: Romualds Jaunzems

Product description:

Production of optoelectronical equipment and systems for documents authenticity control and automatic reading.

Description of services provided:

Maintaince and repair of the optoelectronical equipment and system.

Commercial proposals:

Primary activity of the company is production of devices for authenticity control of security papers, IDs, passports, banknotes, driving licences as well as development of image processing software and electronic databases of travel documents and banknotes. Product portfolio includes: 1) magnifiers and compact devices; 2) video spectral comparators for authenticity control of security papers, IDs, passports etc.; 3) spectral luminescence magnifiers; 4) banking equipment for currency authentication; 5) portable complex for detection of falsifications of vehicle identification numbers (VIN) by magneto-optical visualization (non-destructive method); 6) mobile laboratories for examination of documents and other security papers; 7) passport readers; 8) databases of travel documents, banknotes. Regula Baltija is a unique enterprise offering to clients three interoperable and compatible components indispensable for qualified examination of questioned documents on professional level: – devices for authenticity control of security papers and automatic reading of travel documents (hardware); – software to operate these devices, to process, compare, store and archive obtained information; – databases of travel documents and driving licenses of various countries of the world, providing operator with description and detailed information on these documents, databases of banknotes.

Countries to which products are exported:

Japan, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, USA, India, China, Australia etc.