Zieglera Mašīnbūve

Head of the company:


Member of the Board – Tatjana Morenko

Product description:

ZIEGLER for many years occupies the first place in the world in area of production of lateral divizors of rape. Many known producers of combines do a rate on a reliable technique on the division of rape of firm ZIEGLER.

ZIEGLER – 1 st in area of production of lateral divizors of rape.

• Canola active vertical side cutters
• Canola active side cutters
• Metering units

Description of services provided:

Trumpf Laser Trumatic L3030 +
• Metal sheet size: up to 4000 x 2000 mm
• Metal sheet thickness: up to 20 mm

Trumpf Truma Bend V200
• Bending width till: 4000 mm
• Max. pressure: 200 t

Bending products
With our Trumpf CNC Bending equipment we can bend even
complicated design parts

CNC milling machine Hedelius BC 100/Magnum
• Axis measurments: up to X = 4500 mm;
Y = 1000 mm; Z = 800 mm
• Working diameter: up to 430 mm
• Tool magazin capacity: 50 stations

CNC milling machine Hermle U 1130
• Rotating tools head
• Working on 5 sides
• X = 1130 mm; Y = 720 mm; Z = 630 mm
• Round table diameter: 800 mm

CNC turning center Emco Max Turn 95
• Material diameter: up to 550 mm
• Material length: up to 1000 mm

• 20 welding stations working in 3 shifts
• Welding components up to 2 tons.
• Linear welding maschine
• Stainless steel welding

Surface treatment
• Powder coating
• Spray painting
• Galvanizing.

Additional possibilities:

Technologies used on production: CNC laser cutting (metal thickness up to 15 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm, aluminum up to 8 mm) mechanical cutting, CNC bending, punching, rolling, round and surface grinding, CNC turning and milling (with length up to 4500 mm), surface hardening, TIG and MAG welding, spray and powder painting, assembling.

Countries to which products are exported:

EU and Eastern Europe countries.