Zilā Lagūna

Head of the company:

Member of the Board – Mihails Kaidanovs

Product description:


The company produces fish products in a wide assortment

• Herring (oil, marinade), salted and smoked herring in vacuum pack

• Delicious fish salmon (in vacuum and oil)

• Cold and hot smoked mackerel vacuum pack

• Sprat in brine and spicy sauce

• Sea cabbage in oil

• Cold smoked salmon fillet

• The company also manufactures humus with the brand “HUM-HUM”.


Description of services provided:

SIA “Zilā Lagūna” was founded in 1997. It is one of the most modern fish processing companies in Latvia. LATIS – is only one brand of “Zilā Lagūna ” company, we also manufacture products with the customer’s brand name. The company offers a wide range of smoked, salty and pickled fish, such as salmon, herring, mackerel . The production is made and packaged taking into account the convenience of the buyer and the attraction of customers. Since November 2007, the company is engaged in the distribution of Mediterranean fish products; Humus Production has been started under the brand name “Hum-Hum”. SIA “Zilā Lagūna” produces about 300 tons of products per year and more than 192 tons of this product are exported

Countries to which products are exported:

Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Cyprus. Australia, Italy, Israel, USA.

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