SMD Baltic

Head of the company: member of the Board – Dmitrijs Radkevičs


SMD Baltic provides services for electronic products` assemblage starting from electronic components` supply and finishing with individual packing.

Manufacturing process can include any combination of the following operations, depending on the specificity of the product:

  • electronic production using SMT and THT technology in its own high-tech production,
  • firmware and functional testing,
  • calibration,
  • application of a protective coating to the product,
  • assemblage into a housing,
  • individual and group packing.
  • To ensure the release of high quality, the products are tested at all stages of production and are monitored with final output visual control.

Our company specializes in surface mounting technology, mounting THT-components, functional testing and assemblage of end products.

For the full manufacturing cycle our specialists prepare a stencil used for application of soldering paste, program for the automatic installation line, develop technical documentation and also prepare all the equipment, which is necessary for high quality manufacturing.

Surface (SMT) mounting of PCS is made completely on automatic technological line, equipped with newest imported equipment of popular producers.


SMD-Baltic is a full-cycle contract manufacturer of electronics which provides not only the installation and assembly of printed circuit boards, but also completes orders with original electronic components, up to packaging your product and sending it to the customer.

Wide experience of our specialists in this sphere allows us to make purchase of virtually any component for every specific project.

We cooperate with many European and American global distributors and ensure the supply of electronic components at market prices. This is achieved due to the significant volumes of procurement, developed logistics system and extensive experience in the design work.

If you have already received the project prices for the component from the manufacturer, you can instruct us to purchase it. If the project is not yet registered, we will help you to do it.

In our warehouse, we constantly support a large range of the most sought-after components.

Within the contract signed with the customer, we can maintain the warehouse stock necessary for the implementation of specific projects.

Flexibility in approaching our customers allows us to work both on a give and take scheme, mixed one and also on a «turn-key»basis . This is important for companies with their own supply department and a warehouse, independently engaged in purchasing and storing the equipment.