Aurora Baltika

Head of the enterprise: Margarita Ozolina

Products description:

“Aurora Baltika” manufactures a wide range of hosiery wear for men, ladies and children and offers a choice of goods   for each  season of the year,  for everyday wear and special occasions.

Our special concern is the Family.

We can offer hosiery products for each family member no matter the age or demand.

Hosiery range

Ladies: pantyhose, tights, leggings, leg warmer, stockings, knee-highs, socks;

Men: socks, long socks, leggings;

Children: tights, leggings, knee-highs, socks, baby mittens;

Special products: men’s socks with antibacterial finish, goods with anti-slip, using novelty yarns.


Natural yarn: cotton, linen, bamboo viscose, silk, viscose, wool, angora;

Chemical yarn: textured and flat polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, Dorlastane, microfiber, acrylic;

Coloring chemicals and Dyes: CIBA, CLARIANT

Description of services:

Textile products dyeing and steaming services. We also efficiently meet  the special needs of our customers, who  are welcome to use their own labels and  designs  (PRIVATE LABEL).

“Aurora Baltika” produce has been traditionally popular among the customers of different age groups not only in Baltics, but also in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, UK. Canada, Japan etc.

Aurora Baltika

Aurora Baltika