Head of the company: Director – Peter Van Engeland

Head of structural unit: Andrejs Gaideļs

Product description:

Our main activities include:
• Production of pallets  and pallet components,
• Manufacturing of pallet boards and timber,
• Manufacturing of garden interior: poles, gates and fences,
• Mechanical wood processing,

  • Production of firewood.

Description of services provided: drying, impregnation, heat treatment of timber.

Additional possibilities:

Our main production complex is concentrated near Daugavpils. There we have our production lines, drying kilns, storage facilities and our own logistics service for local deliveries.

Production of pallets is one of “Belwood” leading activities. Currently, we produce about 100 000 pallets per month and we still have facilities to increase the production. Most of our pallets are produced fully automatically on Vanderloo-lines what is a guarantee of quality. Our big production capacities allow us to produce large quantity of non-standard pallets.

Main part of our exported timber is pallet timber.

Currently company Belwood exports about 3000 m3 of timber per month.

On request of a client, pallet timber is cut from needle wood (pine or spruce), leaf wood (poplar, alder) or hardwood (birch). In order to meet the high requirements of our clients, we are able to provide kiln-dried timber, planed and calibrated timber, impregnated timber and ISPM – 15 treated timber.

The up-to-date installation offers possibility to dry wood under a soft regime (for furniture) as well as under a fast regime (for pallet wood).

We can provide all standard dimensions of construction timber, also the production of elements of garden interior.

Countries to which products are exported: Belgium, Netherlands, France,

Germany, England, Denmark.