SIA “Daugavpils dzelzsbetons”

Head of the company: Chairman of the Board – Ojārs Jaksts

The company provides engineering, production, supply and assembly of a wide range of reinforced concrete products:

Wall panels

  • Solid precast concrete wall panel
  • Double-layer precast concrete wall panel
  • Three-layer precast concrete wall panel
  • Facade elements

Columns, beams

  • Precast concrete columns
  • Precast concrete round columns
  • Precast concrete beams
  • Prestressed concrete beams
  • Overlays

Slabs of reinforced concrete

  • Hollow core slabs
  • Massive slabs
  • Prestressed massive slabs
  • Balconies

Stair elements

  • Stairways
  • Curved stairways and bespoke stair elements
  • Staircases

Special building elements

  • Elements of grandstands
  • Precast concrete gutters

Construction products for foundations

  • Foundation blocks
  • Reinforced concrete piles
  • Foundation beams
  • Foundation foot blocks
  • Precast paving slabs

In the production of reinforced concrete structures are used technologies and materials that ensures high geometric accuracy of the elements. The work is carried out in accordance with European quality standards. In order to ensure control of production processes, product quality and compliance with environmental management requirements, the company is certified according to the standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. The

company’s products are delivered to customers in Latvia, the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

Ready-mix concrete. The company provides all types of concrete, including the production of self-consolidating concrete, prompt delivery of concrete with specialized vehicles and installation with a concrete pump or conveyor belt.

Concrete is produced according the standards in the Republic of Latvia and the European Union. Depending on the application of the concrete and the specifics of the project, the concrete is produced according to already developed standard recipes or recipes specially designed for a specific project. The concrete production process is fully automated. The concrete produced by the company is used in the construction of all types of private and public buildings, road and bridge structures, in construction of agricultural and other industries.


The laboratory of the Concrete research center provides tests of inert materials used in the company, tests of fresh and hardened concrete, develops and implements new concrete compositions in production, consults and monitors concrete incorporation technologies. The laboratory is accredited according to requirements of the LVS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 standard.

For the extraction of the inert materials, the company has its own gravel pits, where all materials for concrete production, road construction and landscaping are obtained and prepared.

Description of services provided:

Engineering, production, supply and assembly of reinforced concrete structures;

Production, delivery, pumping and conveying of ready-mix concrete;

Extraction and preparation of inert materials for concrete production and road construction.

Research service in certified laboratory for testing inert materials, fresh and hardened concrete.

Production capacity:

Wall and facade elements 4,000 m2 per month.


Columns and beams 350 m3 per month.


Stair elements 60 m3 per month.


Prestressed floor panels 10,000 m2 per month.


Export markets:

Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia.