Daugavpils Lokomotīvju Remonta Rūpnīca

Head of the company:

Member of board – Antanas Zmejauskas
Member of the board – Natālija Petrova 

Product description:

The company produces more than 500 types of spare parts (cylinder liners, pistons, gears, piston rings, bearings, shafts, gears, springs, case parts, pipes, manifolds, brake pads, etc.) for diesel locomotives, electric and diesel trains.
In 2010 the company produced a brand new car for the transport of highly  dangerous loads.

Description of services provided:

The company provides the following services:
Repair and modernization:
• diesel engines
• electric trains
• Electrical Machines
• Diesel
• Equipment of
locomotives and electric trains
Additional services:
• Services of forging production
• Foundry services
• Services of galvanic production
• Services of thermal production
• Service of tool production
• Services of other metalworks.

Additional possibilities:

The company is turning, turning and boring, grinding, milling boring, planing, tooth-cutting, gear grinding, broaching, slotting machine, automatic lathes.
In addition, the plant has the technology, allowing to perform the following proceses: gas cutting and plasma cutting of metal, stamping, cutting, free forging, hot stamping, forging, casting aluminum parts, casting bronze parts, iron casting, molding of rubber parts, casting ingots of nonferrous metals, molding of plastics, grinding of round parts, broaching, milling, turning, grinding of flat parts, arc welding with coated electrodes, MIG / MAG welding, spot (contact) welding, TIG welding, inspection of the chemical composition of the metal, inspection of the mechanical properties of metal, non-destructive testing ( NDT), pipe bending, sheet bending, rolling, rolling threads, cementing, induction hardening, hardening, flame hardening, tin plating, anodizing, electro galvanizing, phosphating, honing, chroming (technical), chroming (decorative), etching, metal sputtering, powder coating, shot blasting.
Company has a unique equipment for grinding crankshafts, surfacing and boring engine block of various modifications, the formation and processing of rolling stock wheelsets, the trial equipment.

Countries to which products are exported:

Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Mongolia.