Ditton Driving Chain Factory, JSC

Head of the company:  Rolands Zarāns

Product description:

The factory manufactures various driving chains for timing gears (camshaft drives), bicycles  and  motorcycles, snowmobiles, conveyors, special machinery,  agricultural facilities, packaging, woodworking and lifting equipment, as well as various driving systems.

Roller chains with pitches from 9.525 to 31.75 mm  are produced in accordance  with the  ISO/DIN, ANSI, GOST standards and customer specific requirements.

Company  engineers and  develops technical design documentation, manufactures  forging dies  and various parts from  metal.

Production capabilities:

  • Punching

Processing of cold strips and steel sheets with thickness up to 6 mm.

Punch  size  400 * 500 * 300 mm.

  •  Heat treatment ( hardening and carbonitriding)

Dimensions of parts:  up to 100*40*6 mm.

  •  Metalworking production

 Cylindrical parts with a diameter of 600 mm and length up to 3000 mm  

Flat parts: up to 300 * 1200 * 1200 mm.

Types of operations: turning, milling, grinding, boring, drilling, planning, slotting, EDM.

  •  Quality check of raw metal and of goods produced at all production stages

Commercial proposals

  • Standard and special roller chains of high European quality with fast delivery terms
  • Free production areas with developed civil engineering and utilities infrastructure  for metal engineering enterprises. Park  equipment spares are available as well.

Target export market:

  • EU countries  (mainly Germany and Italy)- 50% of products , basically special  and  industrial chains
  •  CIS countries (mainly Russia)- 50% of products, basically  automotive chains