Executive director: Sergejs Gustajevs

Esteriol’s team can offer you some exceptional IT-solutions and services for your business and its development. For already more than 9 years Esteriol develops websites and complex web projects, creates web shops, integrates CRM/ERP systems, performs business process automation, attracts new clients and helps to increase sales. Additionally, the company also offers services in designing corporate identity and logos, as well as other solutions for the development of your brand.

Websites and web shops

One of our specialties is creating and providing technical support for websites and other web-services, landing pages or corporate portals. We can guarantee a modern and fresh-looking design, full functionality and quality technical support. Moreover, Esteriol can help you to create a unique web shop, matching all the needs and nuances of your business. We offer truly friendly and affordable prices, with an option of monthly payments starting from 49 euros. Your web shop can be installed in just 72 hours, with additional benefits of a trial period of 30 days and free hosting.

CRM/ERP systems

Our CRM/ERP systems present a classical toolbox for controlling and managing sales, flows of requests and relationships with your clients. Another important task of these systems is the optimization of work within the team, which provides aid in identifying any problems on the early stages of projects and sales. We fine-tune and adjust Esteriol CRM/ERP system individually, taking into account the needs and specifics of the field for every client. These systems also allow you to save time in creating and laying out any analytical and statistical data (graphs, lists, reports), as well as in creating and automatically generating important reminders and managing tasks.

Business process automation

Business process automation is intended for reducing the amount of human participation in the chains of production of goods or services, which increases productivity and overall performance. Most of the cyclical processes or routine operations can be automated, including managing staff, managing and dividing tasks, creating invoices, preparing reports, keeping track of statistics, etc. The process of automation consists of creating business process flow diagrams, describing business process flow diagrams and creating algorithms for automation as a result. Implementing automation to your business can increase the quality and amount of production, improve staff efficiency and decrease production expenses.

Increasing sales

Our main goal is to find an optimal solution tailored to your business. We can aid in boosting sales of your products or services. By using deep analytics we can identify your strong and weak points on the different stages of sales, and we can help you to achieve more business goals with conversion rate optimization. Apart from that, we offer services in increasing organic traffic by optimization of your website pages for search engines and in managing paid ad campaigns. If you want to increase your brand awareness or credibility of your product and improve communication with your customers, we also offer various services for promotion in social networks.


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