Head of the company: member of the Board – Jevgēnijs Krjukovs

Product description:

•  Annuals, perennials, hanging basket or pendulous plants, coniferous and deciduous breeds (Greenhouses – 1500 sq.m, gardencentre – 5 000 sq.m,);

•  wholesale manufacturer of natural hand-made cosmetics;

•  wholesale manufacturer of ECO soy and palm wax candles.

Description of services provided:

Landscape design and gardening, creating of a garden, Professional landscape architects and designer’s consultation. Floristic operation (service).

Additional possibilities:

Greenhouses – 1500 sq.m, gardencentre – 5 000 sq.m, soap making – 4 tn/year.

Commercial proposals:

Landscaping works; a full complex of works including realization of the landscape project, warranty service and leaving:

• The device of lawns – sowing campaigns, rolled, Moorish, plastic;
• Construction of rock gardens, reservoirs, cascades;
• Landing large plants;
• Flower registration of Balcones, terraces, flowerpots. Registration of winter gardens; design and registration of internal premises by indoor plants;
• Service of a garden, hairstyle, rejuvenating green hedges. A bookmark of a garden. Processing chemical from wreckers and illnesses;
• Professional consultations of experts on leaving, service, agro technical receptions and technologies – designers, agriculturists, floral artists.

Countries to which products are exported:

Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia.