Head of the company: chairman – Oļegs Onzols

Product description:

The main activity is the manufacture of colored concrete:
– A whole set of polished artificial marble handrails at the of any color for terraces, balconies and stair;
– Portals for fireplaces;
– Window sills and internal steps with a glossy surface from the polished artificial marble of any color;
– Outside steps;
– A decorative facade stone;
– Ground stone;
– Paving slabs, paving stones;
– Wall tiles, floor tiles;
– Minor architectural forms (vases, columns, decorations and more);
– Concrete mosaic;
– Elements of the exterior and interior.

Our products are made by technology “SISTROM”.
All products exceed the requirements of existing standards of quality. This is achieved by using high quality materials from cement grade PC-500 up to German superplasticizers with the addition of iron oxide pigments for concrete, resistant to atmospheric effects, and unique forms.

Products manufactured by technology “SISTROM” possess high strength characteristics:
• compressive strength from 600 to 1000 kg/cm2
• Tensile strength in bending from 60 to 150 kg/cm2
• Frost resistance of not less than 500 cycles (F5OO) (freezing at
-20 ° C and thawing in water at +20 ° C)
• Water absorption of less than 3%
• Abrasion less than 0.4 g/cm2

Compliance with the unique production technology is the base of the guaranted quality of our products.