Head of the company:  Sergey Simonov

                            Description of services provided:

LatInSoft provides complex IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises – accounting and business management software applications, IT infrastructure services, web development, professional and skill improvement
training services.

Business management and accounting software suite GrinS® – the major family of business management and accounting software applications, developed and marketed by LatInSoft that includes modules that enable small and medium companies to manage all their finances, inventory, sales, payroll, fixed assets, human resources, manufacturing tasks.

Web development – SIA LatInSoft provides a full range of web-development services: web-page design, web programming, data base usage, web-site modernization, audit and technical support.

Training Center – Training Center LatInSoft is an educational institution, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, specializing in continuing education and skills improvement in such fields as computer and IT technologies, languages, accounting and business management.

Training Center LatInSoft under the brand name “Learn Russian in the European Union” offers Russian as a foreign language educational service. This project takes advantage of the unique ethnical and cultural environment of Daugavpils – a Russian linguistic enclave at the territory of the European Union. The project offers tailored study abroad immersion programs for individual students and groups, aiming at improving Russian language practical communication skills.