Latvijas maiznieks

Head of the company:

Head of the board  Jaanus Valgerist

Member of the board   – Māris Daude 

Product description:

Bread and pastries.

     As “Latvijas Maiznieks”- an experienced and strong player in the bakery market. Our success – also success of our partners and colleagues.
LATVIAN MAIZNIEKS – the richest traditions of bread making. At every meal throughout all the Latvia we have bread made by our skillful crafts men hand! Real Latvian bread!.

A success full union of the best tradition sand modern technologies – such is the secret of delicious bread baked on Latvijas Maiznieks. Bakery, operating continuously since1988 over the years, has under gone a lot of changes, becoming one of the biggest companies in the Latvian bread industry. Success of Latvijas Maiznieks is based on the fact company specialists are closely watching all the innovations, introduce advanced technology and at the same time preserve the old tradition. Thus Latvijas Maiznieks retains the excellent quality and consistently good taste of such kind of bread as  “Latvijas Graudu”, “Zeltene”, “Īstenā”, “Galda”,  “Vita” un “Melnā”!

In order that bread baked on Latvijas Maiznieks always had good taste, we use only high-quality special materials – because our bread smells and tastes like in childhood.

Latvian bread from Latvijas Maiznieks.

Countries to which products are exported:

Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland,  USA, Israel, the Netherlands, the Baltic States