Head of the company:  Aleksandrs Kiselovs

Product description:

• Production of bio diesel fuel. Bio diesel fuel contains components of biological origin. Bio diesel fuel can be easily mixed with diesel fuel. Bio diesel is cleaner, because it contains no sulphur and significantly reduces emission of CO2, hitting into the water or soil, it degrades completely in 21 days. The production capacity of 4 000. 00 tons per year.
• Production of windshield-washing detergents for cleaning windshields is applicable in winter at temperatures down to -25 C0. It does not harm painted and chrome surfaces, plastic and rubber parts. It does not leave stains on the glass. The production capacity of 1500 litters per hour.
• Heat (CHP) – the production capacity of 450 kilowatts per hour.
• Heat (boiler) – capacity 3,2 MW
• Electricity-production capacity of 300 kilowatts per hour.
• Technical glycerine after cleaning can be used in medicine, cosmetics and so on. The production capacity of 3.5 tons per day.

Additional possibilities:

• Production of beer malt
• Drying of grain (wheat, rye, canola and others)
• Grain storage
• Alcoholic and soft drinks retail and wholesale
• Transport services, freight transport.

Countries to which products are exported:

Lithuania, Estonia.