Head of the company:  Valērijs Jurago

Product description:

We design and produce custom sheet metal products in stainless, galvanized, plain steel and nonferrous metals. Also we do all types of machining works according to Client specification. Our goal is to use progressive techniques, state of the art machinery and experienced workforse to give our customers competitive price, quality and exeptional service.

Description of services provided:

With a fully equipped tool room we can provide our customers with the following services:
– Shearing (cutting sheets in smaller pieces)
– CNC Punching (perforating holes and profiling the parts to finished size)
– Forming (bending the parts precisely to the specifications)
– Turning (producing of cylindrical parts and components)
– Milling (various aplications in horisontal and vertical milling machines)
– Grinding (different types of flat surfaces, internal and external diameters)
– Welding (producing weldment assemblies precisely to meet the specifications)
– Assembly (mechanical assembly of products)
– Inspection (all phases,assuring that the products conform with the specifications provided by our customers)
We coopearate closely with companies galvanizing and providing thermal processing of metals so also we can offer:
– Painting and Coating (applying the protective or decorative coating)
As well we offer our customers the variety of additional services such as:
– CAD (design,drafting)
– Printing (applying the lettering, legends or logos)
– Shipping (wrapping, packing and shipping to our subcontractors and customers).

Additional possibilities:

Punching machine AMADA * ARKADE 212
Forming machine AMADA * ITPS 80-25
Hydraulic guillotine scissors HANSEATIC * HS-3/3050
Semi-automatic horizontal bandsaw GUDE * MS-1801.

Countries to which products are exported:

Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark.