Head of the company: member of the Board – Anita Franckeviča

The company employs 6 specialists with expertise in information technology, economics, accounting, manufacturing process management. It is a coordinated team consisting of experienced project managers, programmers, consultants, whose professionalism is confirmed by 1C Company certificates.

Product description:

SIA “Protams” specialization – software development, implementation and maintenance.
Since 2010 we are working on the programming services market in Latgale region becoming a professional in this field. Our software products and high quality services have already evaluated more than 400 local companies that are small businesses and sole proprietors, as well as large manufacturers with specific accounting systems, which we have been able to automate.

SIA “Protams” is a part of the system “1C: Франчайзинг 8.0”, which guarantees the highest quality of service performance.

Our company’s goal – was and is an efficient and integrated asset management business development, which helps to facilitate and standardize the specific accounting processes and goods, money and other assets movement in client’s company.
“PROTAMS” offers:


1C program – universal tool for full accounting, sales, warehouse, production management, as well as solution of other problems. Programs include standard mechanisms that fully complies with the Latvian laws and regulations and allows to start working with the program immediately after its acquisition, as well as provides an opportunity to adjust the program’s actions to specific customer needs.


Proteus – automated accounting and warehouse management system, which for several years is successfully used in several hundred users in their commercial activities.

Individual approach to every customer specific needs and existing technical resources offers the most optimal software solution.

We are ready to work with you to make the difficult path of follow-up to the successful implementation of the automation process, and are committed in part or in full control of the solution further maintenance.
We are important to your success!

Description of services provided:

SIA “Protams” customers receive the following services:
1C, Proteus and other accounting software development, implementation and adaptation;
development of specialized systems, developmentof addition programming solutions;
program users training and consulting;
program maintenance, configuration development;
computer technical support;
Website development;

  • Accounting services.

Additional possibilities:

The company’s manufacturing capabilities, taking into account the existing equipment.
The main attention is paid to the increase in turnover, without sacrificing the quality indicators and holding a high level of customer service culture. Therefore, attention is paid to the smart marketing policy. The company’s offer is very flexible for both product and service selection and their prices. The company has good prospects for the future to further strengthen its position in the market, expand services and offer a range of EU funding.

Commercial proposals:

1C: Enterprise 8″ standard program price:
• 1C: Accounting for Latvia. The base version – 150.00 EUR
• 1C: Accounting for Latvia. Professional version – 500.00 EUR
• 1C: Accounting for Latvia. Set of 5 users – 900.00 EUR
• 1C: Trade Management Baltics – 600.00 EUR
The program price includes:
– Installation of free programs;
– Free users training;
– Free advice;
– Methodical literature in Latvian and Russian