Sa-ša Print

Head of the enterprise –member of the board Jekaterina Solovjova


Advertising is somewhat similar to outer space by its nature. There, each system is a stable and independent structure in the state of endless development, occurring through a continuous dialogue with the external environment. Nowadays, when the pace of human life, as well as all socioeconomic processes gets more and more accelerated, the advertising agency “Sa-Ša” acts like a kind of a communication ecosystem on the advertising market.



  • Visual advertising (signboards, light letters and boxes, neon signs, three dimensional shape structures, pylons, stands, etc.)
  • Seals and stamps
  • Printing art (booklets, leaflets, printed forms, calendars, business cards, etc.)
  • Presentation advertising (advertising souvenirs)
  • Serigraphy (stickers, business cards, passes, envelopes, etc.)
  • Broadside printing (on different types of materials)
  • Car stickers


  • Design development (enterprise style, logotypes, printing products)