Head of the company: member of the Board – Mihails Leonovs

Product description:

Structures from rolled iron and stainless steel:

– building metal constructions with different level of complexity (columns, beams, welded beams, trusses, steel building frames);
– steel  ladders and stairs, fences;
– barriers, banisters, ;
– expanded metal mesh.

Description of services provided:

– welding  works are produced with a help of modern semi- automatic machines with a use of various gas mixtures;
– metal cutting on gas-plasma cutting area and automatic band saws;
– shot-blasting treatment of surfaces and painting using airless spay aggregate with industrial paints of various bases ;
– designing;

– installation works.

Additional possibilities:

Manufacturing of metal constructions in volume up to 300 per month depending on the complexity.

Countries to which products are exported:

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Brasil , Australia etc.